Network Error on a Global Payments iWL250 3G/Cellular Terminal


    Scenario - I am using a cellular-connected (3G) terminal from Global Payments. I received a new/replacement terminal from Global -OR- a Global software update was pushed to my existing terminal and now I am getting a ‘Network Error’ when I launch Ackroo.

    What do I do now? - Contact Global Help Desk (1-800-263-2970) and ask to update the terminal profile. Specify that you are using the Ackroo application, Version 3.11.

    If the ‘Network Error’ message persists, run a system report:

    • Launch the 'Ackroo' application and wait for the 'Network Error' message.
    • Press the ‘#’ key to enter the Advanced Settings.
    • Enter Manager Password ‘112233’.
    • Select ‘System Report’ and a receipt printout will be generated.
    • From the ‘Ackroo Configuration’ section of the receipt, identify what Cellular Package is named under ‘GPRS APN’:

           - If you are using a Rogers sim card, this menu item should display                              ‘global.apn

           - If you are using a Telus sim card, this menu item should display                                      ‘

    If the cellular packages described above DO NOT MATCH with your cellular provider, the description can be changed with the following steps:

    • Launch the 'Ackroo' application again and when the ‘Network Error’ appears, press the '#' key.
    • Enter the Manager password '112233'.
    • Go into the 'Configuration' Menu.
    • Select the option for ‘APN Name’ and press Enter (You might need to scroll down to see this).
    • You must backspace (Yellow Key) and write over the text in this menu to read one of the following:
      • Telus =
      • Rogers = global.apn
    • Tip: Use the number keys and the 'F' key to scroll through the alphabet/symbols (Example: For letter 'C', press '2' and then 'F' key 3 times).
    • Press Enter/Green Key to save and return to the prior menu.
    • Hit Cancel/Red Key to exit and go back to main Ackroo menu.
    • Reboot the terminal by holding the Yellow and ‘#’ key simultaneously.
    • Relaunch the 'Ackroo' application. It will now ask you to enter 6-digit activation PIN online at, (You will need administrative sign-in privileges to complete this step).

    For further instructions on how to activate a 6-digit Pin, click here:

    My terminal is giving me a 6 digit PIN--What do I do now?


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