'POPCODE' Displaying Instead of Ackroo


    Situation - I have a new/replacement terminal from CHASE Paymentech and when I finish the Ackroo download, I see an application called “POPCODE” and do not see “Ackroo”.

    What went wrong? - If your Home screen (for Verifone terminal models) or Third Party menu (for Ingenico terminal models) is displaying “POPCODES” instead of Ackroo, additional support will be required by CHASE Paymentech.

    What do I do now?

    • Please submit a terminal replacement request to CHASE tech support (1-800-265-5158).
    • NOTE: The replacement request MUST clearly ask that a replacement terminal is supplied with POPCODE removed before being shipped and to allow for the Ackroo Application download.
    • Once a replacement terminal arrives, complete the Ackroo USB installation steps, and your menu should once again display “Ackroo” and  is ready for activation.

    For further instructions on how to Activate the Ackroo Application, click here:

    Terminal Activation

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