Retrieving Reports on the Virtual Terminal


    The Ackroo Web Virtual Terminal app provides transaction batch and detailed reports, providing you with basic transaction information from the point of sale that can be printed from the computer attached to your printer. 


    Visit; if you are prompted for a PIN, please read: Accessing a Virtual Terminal App.

    • Click the white Preferences button in the lower right corner of the page content.
    • Click the white Reports button on the pop-up.
    • Click the title of the report you want to run:
      • Transaction Summary
        • This report will generate a list of all transactions that took place within the last number of specified hours.
      • Last Batch
        • This report will output the last batch summary report that was generated for the Virtual Terminal App
      • Close Batch
        • This report will close and generate a summary report of the current batch; the current batch consists of all transactions that took place between the time the batch is closed and the previous close batch operation.
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