Reverse / Adjust / Edit a Transaction


    Mistakes happen; if a transaction was completed in error, you can reverse it, adjust the amount, or edit its description right from the transactions view.

    To manage your transactions, visit and sign in. Select the Transactions tab, and select Detailed View.

    • Locate the transaction you want to reverse by typing the transaction number or associated card number into the Search field (Read more here on how to find this info on the print receipt).
    • The table below will narrow down all transactions associated with your search criteria.
    • Once the transaction in question is identified in the table, select the ACTION button.



    • Select ACTION >> Reverse
    • Optional: In the pop-up window, enter a description and/or Clerk ID (if applicable) and select the OK button.

    A new transaction will be created in the amount of the reversed transaction, the reversed transaction will be marked as reversed.



    • Select ACTION >> Adjust
    • Enter the adjusted transaction dollar amount, the description and/or Clerk ID (if applicable) and select the OK button.

    The adjusted transaction will be marked as reversed, a new transaction will be created to reverse the original transaction, and a second transaction will be created for the adjusted amount



    • Select ACTION >> Edit Description
    • Enter the new description text and select the OK button.

    NOTE:  If you select the blue "+" sign along the transaction line, the description change becomes visible.

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