Card Registration / Profile


    To view / edit a Card's Profile, visit and sign in. Click on the Cards tab.

    • Quickly locate a card by typing any piece of information you know about the card into the Search field including;
      • Card number
      • Customer name
      • Customer email
    • Click on the Action button
    • Select View Details or Edit Profile


    Edit Profile

    Edit Profile open a pop-up in which you can enter your customer's:

    - First Name

    - Last Name

    - Email Address

    - Phone Number

    - Birthday

    Note that if customers want to access their account online, they will need to complete the registration process at


    View Details

    View Details will open a new page in which you can see:

    - Statistics (Current and Lifetime Balances)

    - Profile Registration

    - Promotions

    - Transactions


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