View & Edit Customer Profiles


    To view / edit a Card's Profile, visit and sign in.


    • Select the Manage Cards tab.
    • Quickly locate a card by typing any piece of information you know about the card into the Search field including;
      • Card #
      • Batch Info #
      • Customer name (if previously registered)
      • Customer email  (if previously registered)


    • Select the ACTION button to the right of the card
    • Select Edit Profile to add customer information to the card
    • Or, select View Details to view in-depth information about the card's activity


    Edit Profile

    • Edit Profile open a pop-up window, in which you can enter your customer's:
      • - First Name
      • - Last Name
      • - Email Address
      • - Adress & Phone Number
      • - Birthdate
    • Select Save to apply the registration details to the card.

    Note: If customers want to access their account online, they will need to complete the registration process and create their own login via your Ackroo custom cardholder portal website (if you've opted into this Ackroo service).


    View Details

    View Details will open a new page, in which you can see:

    • - Statistics (Current and Lifetime Balances)
    • - Profile Registration
    • - Promotions
    • - Transactions


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