Accessing your Virtual Terminal


    As an Ackroo Program, Business, or Location administrator, you can access your Virtual Terminal, from any Internet enabled computer, by going to the following link: For the best experience:

    • we recommend either Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 10+ and
    • we require that cookies be enabled. 


    If you have not yet added a Virtual Terminal to your program, please read: Adding a Virtual Terminal App.


    If you have an Ackroo Administrator account

    Navigate to the virtual terminal

    Click the orange button 'Sign In with Ackroo'

    You will be redirected to the program console to login


    If you do not ha an Ackroo Administrator account

    Ask an Ackroo Administrator for an 'Access PIN'

    Navigate to the virtual terminal

    Enter your access PIN and click the grey button 'Confirm Access PIN'


    To Generate an Access PIN

    Navigate to and sign in.

    • Click the Point of Sale menu item.
    • Click the Virtual Terminals tab.
    • Locate your location from the list of activated virtual terminals.

    Pro tip: Type your location name in the Search field.

    • From the row for your location, click the ACTION button and click the Access menu item to generate a PIN number.

    Note: You will not need to re-enter a new PIN unless you explicitly log out of the virtual terminal app or clear your browser cookies.

    Note:  Access PINs are valid for 24 hours and can be used only once.

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