Adding promotional funds to a Single Card


    To add promotional funds to a card,  visit and sign in.


    • Select Manage Cards.
    • Quickly locate a card by typing any of the following into the Search field:
      • Card Number
      • Ackroo-ID or Batch Info #
      • Customer Name
      • Customer Email
    • Once the card is located, select the Action button to the right of the card.
    • Select Fund Promotion and complete the pop-up form:

    • Choose the location you wish to apply the promotion FROM (Note: "Head Office" is your online Program Console). This is for reporting purposes.
    • Choose the location you wish to apply the promotion TO (If you have multiple Businesses that do not share Loyalty/Promotional cross-spending across all sites).
    • Enter the $ Amount of promotional funds you would like to apply to the card.
    • If you have Promotion Tags enabled in your Settings, Select a Tag to identify a reason code.
    • Enter a Description for the promotion, if desired, so that you can reference it later on. Ie. "Fundraiser"
    • If desired, you can select This Promotion Expires and enter a date at which this promotion will end. Any unused portion of the funds will automatically be expired and erased from the card on the date you have selected.
    • If desired, you can select Email an Action Export and an email transaction summary report will be sent to your inbox.
    • Choose Activate Promotion. 

    The funds will be loaded to the card and are available as a Promotional Loyalty balance to redeem

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