Transfer Funds & Registration Details to a New Card (Lost/Stolen Cards)


    In the event that your customers gift/loyalty rewards card has been lost or stolen, or they have multiple cards, you can replace or amalgamate balances by transferring the Balance and Registration Details to a new card and deactivating the old card(s).


    • If you are transferring to an unregistered card, transferring funds will also transfer customer registration details over to the new card.


    • If you are transferring to an already registered card, registration details will not be transferred over from the old card when registration details are already present on the new card. Please review 'transfer-to' card details and ensure to edit the registration if needed.



    Visit and sign in.

    • Select the Cards tab


    • Quickly locate a card by typing any piece of information you know about the card into the Search field including;
      • Card number
      • Customer name (if registered)
      • Customer email (if registered)


    • Once the matching card populates in the table, select Action and Transfer Funds


    • In the pop-up form, enter the NEW card number.
      • You can then check/leave unchecked if the lost/stolen card should be Destroyed (recommended so that card cannot be transacted on again).

    Selecting Transfer Funds will transfer all of your customers' registration data and balances to the new card.


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