The Locations view lists all of the physical and virtual places that can create a transaction.

    A location:

    • belongs to a single business.
    • can have one or more terminal, Virtual Terminal app, or third party app.
    • can share loyalty with other locations belonging to the same parent business.


    There may come a time when you need to part ways with a location in your program. Under these circumstances, it is quite easy to suspend all administrators and terminals from accessing your program if necessary.


    • Point your web browser to https://manage.ackroo.com and sign in.
    • Click the Locations menu item.
    • Locate the Location that you want to suspend.

    Pro tip: Type your location name in the Search field.

    • Click the ACTION button and click the Suspend sub-menu item.

    The location will be marked as suspended, preventing transactions from being created at this location and preventing the locations administrators from signing in and making changes.

     Note: A suspended location can be activated again at any time; the same process is followed to activate a location.


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