The Locations view lists all of the physical and virtual places that can create a transaction.

    A location:

    • belongs to a single business.
    • can have one or more terminal, Virtual Terminal app, or third party app.
    • can share loyalty with other locations belonging to the same parent business.


    A location may be suspended in the program in case it is shut down. Under these circumstances, it is possible to suspend all administrators and terminals from accessing the program if necessary.


    • Navigate to https://manage.ackroo.com and sign in.
    • Select the Locations menu item.
    • Locate the Location that you want to suspend.

    Pro tip: Type the location name in the Search field.

    • Select ACTION, then select the Suspend sub-menu item.

    The location will be marked as suspended, preventing transactions from being created at this location and preventing the locations administrators from signing in and making changes.

     Note: A suspended location can be activated again at any time; the same process is followed to activate a location.


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