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    Every Ackroo program comes pre-configured with Campaigns, an easy way to reward customers with loyalty dollars each time they buy something at your place of business.

    Campaigns are a great tool to be used in conjunction with existing marketing initiatives.

    If you would like to learn about using Loyalty to reward your customers and generate revenue, please contact and a member of our Sales Team will be happy to provide you with more information.


    There are two types of Campaigns available: Base Campaigns and Scheduled Campaigns.


    Every Ackroo program comes with a base campaign which defines loyalty reward settings that are applicable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days out of the year. The base campaign is the default loyalty setting for the program.

    Basic and/or an advanced level campaign can be configured in base campaigns:

    Basic Campaign

    A basic level campaign allows rewarding customers with a percentage of every dollar spent in store. For example, configuring a loyalty reward percentage of 5% will earn customers $5 for every $100 spent.

    Should you have cases where some businesses and/or business locations require different reward percentages, you can configure a reward percentage override for these specific businesses/locations without affecting the rest of your program. 


    Visit and sign in.

    • Select the Campaigns link in the navigation bar.
    • Select on the Basic link in the side menu list, under Base Campaigns in order to set/update the reward percentage for the program, a specific business, or a specific location.
    • Select Save to save changes or select Discard to cancel.

     NOTE:  Changes to base campaigns will take effect immediately.

    Advanced Campaign

    If Ackroo's advanced loyalty platform has been integrated into a management system, then advanced campaigns are also available.

    An advanced level campaign allows rewarding customers based on specific departments, SKUs, and payment tenders. Advanced programs also support promo codes, allowing to apply reward multipliers on the total price of goods sold.

    For example, rewarding customers differently when buying a specific brand of products or paying cash instead of credit. It is also possible by setting different SKU and tender reward types.


    • DEPARTMENTSA department represents 1 or more SKUs. Department level rewards allow to reward customers differently based on whether they are buying goods from one department or another.
    • SKUs: Rewards customers for buying specific items. A SKU reward can be configured as a percent of the total value of the item -or- as a dollar amount based on the quantity of the item being purchased.
      SKUs belong to departments; they are configured at a department level reward and override that reward for very specific items.
    • TENDER TYPES: Tender type multipliers allow setting a bonus reward based on whether the customer paid by cash, debit, credit, gift card, and/or loyalty. This can be used to incentivize customers to pay with a preferred tender.
    •  PROMO CODES: Promo codes are a great way of applying a reward multiplier to earned loyalty. Codes can be used as part of ongoing in-store promotions, or for targeted customers. Simply define a code that will be entered into the point of sale management system and the final earned loyalty amount will be adjusted based on this value of the multiplier.

    Visit and sign in.

    • Select Campaigns in the navigation bar.
    • Select Advanced in the side menu list.
    • Select Add Loyalty Setting and select the reward type to configure.
    • Select Save to save changes or select Discard to cancel.

     NOTE:  Changes to base campaigns will take effect immediately.


    A scheduled campaign defines a set of loyalty reward settings that override (but not replace) the base campaign settings for a very specific period of time.

    By associating a specific date and time period to a campaign, this can help drive business traffic back during specific times/dates.

    A scheduled campaign can be configured with either Basic or Advanced level reward settings depending on program requirements. 



    Visit and sign in.

    • Select Campaigns in the navigation bar.
    • Select Create Campaign and provide a name, scope, and schedule information for the campaign.
    • Configure a name (ex. Monster Mondays), the target scope (program, business, or location specific), and the loyalty setting type - select Basic or Advanced.
    • Configure the period for the campaign; specify a start date and a time of day in which the campaign will be in effect. This is possible on 30 minute increments.
    • Configure the recurrence frequency for the campaign, including the option to never repeat (for one day campaigns).
    • Select Continue in the action bar to configure your loyalty reward settings.
    • Complete the settings according to the campaign chosen.


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