Filter & Export Transactions


    The Transactions view presents you with a list of all transactions performed in your program since the beginning of time.

    Sometimes you may want to view transactions belonging to a particular business or business location or transactions that occurred over a specific period of time. This is where filtering becomes useful.

    Filtering Transactions

    Visit and sign in.

    • Select the Manage Transactions tab.
    • Select your filter criteria next to Show Txns for; you can filter by a specific business or business location.


    • You may also filter by a specific date or date range (be sure to click the APPLY button on the Date pop-up to select your date).
    • Select the Apply button just under the filter tab to apply your filter criteria to the list of transactions.

    The Transaction Summary will also be automatically updated based on the applied filter criteria.


    Exporting Transactions

    • Filter your Transactions as described above
    • Click the Export button; an email will be sent to yourself with an Excel document containing the list of transactions.


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