My terminal is asking for a 6-digit Access PIN


    Once the Ackroo Anywhere application has been downloaded to your Ingenico or Verifone terminal, you may see a message on your terminal screen requesting a 6-digit terminal activation code.

    NOTE: A unique PIN is required per individual debit terminal activation.

    Program, Business and Location administrators can generate activation codes by completing the following steps;

    Visit and sign in.

    • Click on the Business menu and select an option.
    • Click on the Location menu and select an option.
    • Click on the Receipt Profile menu and select an option.
    • Click on the Menu Profile menu and select an option. (optional)
    • Click on the Continue button


    • Note the GREEN success message banner at the top of the page, confirming the 6-digit PIN is valid for use.

    • If a RED error message banner appears, the PIN will be invalid for use. Repeat the steps above and generate a new code.


    • Once a code is successfully received, enter this 6-digit number within the Ackroo launch screen and press OK.

    You are now ready to start processing Ackroo Gift and Loyalty cards!


    NOTE:  Activation PINs are valid for 720 hours from the time they are generated and can be used only once.  Please make sure you have access to your terminal and that it has network connectivity before generating a PIN.

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