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    Is it possible to transfer your balance from an eGift onto a physical card?

    An Ackroo Administrator can transfer the balance. Also, cardholders can register both cards online and transfer balances from egift to physical card from the cardholder portal at (will redirect to merchant's cardholder portal).


    If the recipient comes in to spend their eGift in-store but they don’t spend the whole amount, will they be given a physical card with the balance owing or will they need to hang onto their email until the eGift is spent?

    In store managers could do a redeem on eGift for the amount followed by a fund on the physical card as a balance transfer operation in store. Alternatively, cardholders are encouraged to register both cards and transfer the remaining balance from their eGift onto their physical card. Also, they can remove the eGift card from their portal by deactivating on balance transfer. There will be no need to hold on to the eGift email after this.


    How would someone report their Gift Card Lost or Stolen?

    They can report the issue to the store, and an Ackroo Administrator will be able to log into the program console and deactivate the card. Also, cardholders who have registered the lost card can transfer the available balance and deactivate card from the cardholder portal at


    How can a sender get a receipt if they’ve lost their original?

    eGift receipts are electronic, they will remain in the sender’s inbox. If it is lost, the customer can communicate the need for a new receipt to the store, and an Ackroo Administrator will be able to re-send the email from the eCommerce page of the program console at 


    Can a sender re-order a previous order or order in bulk or is each transaction a one-off?

    Each transaction is a one-off for now, Ackroo is developing more options regarding this.


    Can a sender track an eGift card or check that it was received?

    An Ackroo Administrator can check the status of the card on the program console, in the eCommerce page. 


    Are there any other features we should know about? 

    Delayed delivery is another feature. The card can be purchased in advanced and delivered at the desired date. There is card personalization and multi merchant artwork. Bulk order feature and delivery will be developed in the future.


    What is the self-deliver option? Does that send the eGift email to the sender to then forward by email to the recipient?

    Yes. The sender becomes the recipient, allowing them to deliver the card as desired.

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