eGift / PayPal transactions flow


    Here is the flow:

    • A customer makes an eGift purchase online
    • An eGift transaction is created in Ackroo, it appears in the eCommerce tab as 'expired'
    • PayPal receives the customer's funds
    • PayPal sends the customer's funds to the merchant's account
    • PayPal tells Ackroo that the funds were received
    • Ackroo changes the eGift status from 'expired' to 'completed'
    • Ackroo sends the buyer and recipient a confirmation email


    It is important to note:

    • If a transaction is never completed (cancelled by the customer), and PayPal does not notify Ackroo that the merchant has received the funds, the eGift will remain 'expired' indefinitely
    • If a merchant has not setup their PayPal merchant account properly and the funds cannot be received, the eGift will remain 'expired' until the account is setup, PayPal transfers the funds, and notifies Ackroo that the funds were received
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