Switch From Semi-Integrated (SI) Mode to Standalone for Gift Payment

    • This configuration is most commonly for Ingenico iCT250 terminals.
    • Your Terminal is configured to integrate with your Point-of-Sale system in “semi-integrated” mode to take prompts automatically for debit and credit payments.
    • In order to access the Ackroo Gift & Loyalty menu to process a gift card, you will need to switch into "standalone" mode.
    • *Remember* to process debit & credit payment FIRST and then complete the steps below to process gift cards SECOND.
    • To switch to “Standalone Mode”:
      • Press the ‘F1’ key at the Top Left of the keypad (‘‘ Symbol)
      • The Screen will prompt “Are you sure Standalone Mode?
      • Press the ‘F1’ key to Select “Yes



    • You will now see the Payment Home Screen.
    • To process an Ackroo Gift Card:
      • Press the GREEN key to enter the Payment Menu options
      • Press the Scroll Up ‘^’ key at the top of the pin pad to quickly jump to the bottom of the menu.
      • Choose ‘Third Party’ and then choose ‘ACKROO’.
      • Process your Gift card transaction as usual (Fund Card, Redeem Card, Check Balance, etc.).
    • To Switch back to “Semi-Integrated” mode to process Debit and Credit:
      • Press the Red (cancel) button to return back to the Payment home screen.
      • Press the ‘F1’ key
    • You will be in Semi-Integrated mode when you see the “Welcome/Bonjour” message again:


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