Filtering Cards


    In the Program Console ( from within the Manage Cards tab, the Filter Cards By + option allows you to search and isolate specific ranges of cards, using various search criteria.


    Filtering Options

    • Batch Number/Range (Based on “Ackroo ID” or “Batch Info” on back of card, more info here)
    • Inactivity (A balance is present, but no follow-up transactions processed during selected timeframe. Range from >1 month to >36 months inactive)
    • Card Status Filter (More info on card states here)
      • Unissued
      • Issued
      • Blocked
      • Destroyed
    • Cards with Balance
      • With Non-zero balances


    How To Apply a Filter

    • To select a filter, press the blue + button:


    • From the drop-down menu, select a filter category
    • A second drop-down menu will appear to narrow down your filter parameters (as listed above)
    • Multiple filters can be applied, if required.
    • To undo a selected filter, you can select the red - button at the top right of the filter drop-down menu.
    • To finish applying the filter(s), select the Apply button to the right.


    Take Action on Filtered Cards

    Once a filter is applied, the table below will update to display the filtered card information. The table contains the following information:

    • # of entries found (# of cards filtered, at the bottom left-hand corner of the page)
    • Card Info
      • Full card number
      • Batch info: the range number followed by the batch number
      • Transactions count: number of completed transaction on this card.
    • Balances
      • Gift: $ funds in the gift wallet
      • Loyalty: $ funds in the loyalty wallet
      • Promotion: $ funds in the promotions wallet
    • Cardholder Info (if registered)
      • Name: Full name of registered cardholder
      • Email: email address of registered cardholder
      • Registered On: date the card was registered
    • Status
      • Issued: Card is available to be funded/redeemed
      • Unissued: Card must be issued before it can be funded/redeemed
      • Blocked: Card has been blocked from all use, but can be unblocked
      • Destroyed: Card has been eliminated completely, can no longer be re-issued for use.
    • ACTION (on single card)
      • View Details: Opens a detailed card activity report
      • State Change: Issue, Unissue or Block the card(s)
      • Gift Transactions: Issue Gift funds (if card unissued), or Fund/Reload gift funds
      • Loyalty Transactions: Fund promotional dollars, or Clear Loyalty funds (all loyalty and promo)
      • Disable transaction count limit
      • Unregister Card
      • Edit Profile (to register basic customer info or modify existing registration details)card-table.png


    NOTE: If you are a Program-level Administrator, applying a card filter will enable the BULK ACTION button to apply an action to the full range of cards in the filter.

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