Filtering Cards


    To Filter Your Cards, visit and sign in.


    • Click on the Cards tab


    • In the 'Cards' page, you will see a table containing a list of all the cards in your program, both active and unused.


    • Select the + sign, and a drop-down menu will offer a selection of filter categories:
      • All Cards
      • Batch Number / Range (Based on Ackroo ID)
      • Inactivity (A balance is present, but no follow-up transactions processed)
      • Card Status (Active vs. Deactivated)


    • Choose a filter category
    • A second drop-down menu will appear to narrow down your filter parameters (i.e. A range of 50 cards based on Ackroo ID, cards inactive for 24 months, etc.)
    • You can use multiple filter criteria by selecting the + sign once again
    • To undo a selected filter, select the - sign at the top right of the filter drop-down menu
    • Once filter options are chosen, select the Apply button to filter your cards
    • The table beneath will sort and narrow down the list of cards relevant to the filter(s)


    NOTE: If you are a Program-level Administrator, applying a card filter will enable the BULK ACTION button.

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