Cards Overview


    To view Cards, visit and sign in. Click on the Cards tab.


    In the Cards page, you can:

    - Filter Your Cards

    - Commit Bulk Actions

    - View and Manage your Cards


    View and Manage Your Cards

    On this page, you can see a table that displays information regarding your cards:

    - Card Number

    - Transaction Count

    - Gift Balance

    - Loyalty Balance

    - Promotion Balance

    - Cardholder Name

    - Cardholder Email

    - Status

    (If you click on a 'Card Number', you can also view: 'Ackroo ID', 'Reference ID', and 'Registered On')


    Each Card has an 'ACTION' button that allows you to:

    - View Details

    - Edit Profile

    - Activate / Deactivate

    - Disable Transaction Count Limit

    - Transfer Funds

    - Add Promotional Funds

    - Clear Loyalty Funds

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