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    To view Cards, visit and sign in. This will bring you to the Ackroo Anywhere homescreen. In order to view a list of cards and perform actions, select Manage Cards.


    Managing Cards

    From the Manage Cards page, it is possible to view a list of all cards that have been added to the program, as well as perform actions on single cards and/or multiple cards at once.



    Perform an Action with a Card

    Each Card has an 'ACTION' button to the right of the row. See the various actions explained HERE. Options include:

    • It is also possible to perfom an action on multiple cards. This is called a Bulk Action.


    Batch Info/ Ackroo ID

    If your cards were printed by Ackroo, you can find the Ackroo ID on the back of the card, below the card number. In newer print versions (as of 2019), this field is now referred to as the Batch Info field.

    ("Ackroo-ID" - Old Ackroo Cards)


     ("Batch Info" - New Ackroo Cards)


     The Ackroo ID/Batch Info is a unique secondary number on each card that sequentially identifies a range of cards.

    • The number before the dash is the specific sequential card number
    • The number after the dash is the batch number for the entire group of cards printed

     From the example pictured above, the Ackroo ID/Batch Info 987-65432 represents:

    • Card number 987 of Batch 65432.
    • If Batch 65432 was generated for a total of 1000 cards, the Ackroo ID's would range from 1-65432 to 1000-65432.

     Note: If your cards were not printed by Ackroo and were imported from another provider into the Ackroo Anywhere platform, the Batch Info will be assigned in our database, but will not be printed on the cards. You can easily find this number within the management dashboard

    Card States

    There are 3 states that cards can be in; unissues, issued and blocked. Examples of what these look like are pictured below.


    • Unissued cards need to be issued before any transactions can be made on the card.
    • Unissued cards can be:Issued, Blocked


    • Issued cards have been issued and can receive transactions.
    • Issued cards can be: Blocked


    • Blocked cards cannot receive any transactions.
    • Blocked cards can be: Unblocked


     Unissued  Deactivated with 0 transactions


     Deactivated with X transactions



    State Balance Check WLP Registration Balance Transfer Out

    Balance Transfer In

     Unissued  Not Allowed  Not Allowed  Not Allowed  Allowed → Issued
     Issued  Allowed  Allowed  Allowed → Blocked  Allowed


     Custom Message


     Custom Message

     Not Allowed  Not Allowed



    State Redeem / Spend Issue / Activate Credit / Fund / Reload
     Unissued  Not Allowed  Allowed → Issued

     Not Allowed
    (merchant settings)

     Issued  Allowed  Not Allowed  Allowed
     Blocked  Not Allowed  Not Allowed  Not Allowed


    Program Console

    State Management State Change

     Issue → Issued

     Block → Blocked


     Block → Blocked

     Balance Transfer → Blocked

     Reverse Issue → Unissued


     Unblock → Issued

     Balance Transfer → Blocked

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