Card States


    Ackroo has introduced some new card states: Unissued / Issued / Blocked



    Unissued cards need to be issued before any transactions can be made on the card.

    Unissued cards can be:

    • Issued
    • Blocked


    Issued cards have been issued and can receive transactions.

    Issued cards can be:

    • Blocked


    Blocked cards cannot receive any transactions.

    Blocked cards can be:

    • Unblocked


     Unissued  Deactivated with 0 transactions


     Deactivated with X transactions



    State Balance Check WLP Registration Balance Transfer Out

    Balance Transfer In

     Unissued  Not Allowed  Not Allowed  Not Allowed  Allowed → Issued
     Issued  Allowed  Allowed  Allowed → Blocked  Allowed


     Custom Message


     Custom Message

     Not Allowed  Not Allowed



    State Redeem / Spend Issue / Activate Credit / Fund / Reload
     Unissued  Not Allowed  Allowed → Issued

     Not Allowed
    (merchant settings)

     Issued  Allowed  Not Allowed  Allowed
     Blocked  Not Allowed  Not Allowed  Not Allowed


    Program Console

    State Management State Change

     Issue → Issued

     Block → Blocked


     Block → Blocked

     Balance Transfer → Blocked

     Reverse Issue → Unissued


     Unblock → Issued

     Balance Transfer → Blocked

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