Managing eGift Orders from the eCommerce Tab


    e-Gift orders can now be managed from the self-serve eCommerce tool in your program console online, at

    NOTE: The eCommerce tab is only visible to and manageable by Program- and Business-level Administrators.


    • When signed in, select the eCommerce menu tab.


    • Note that all eGift order attempts, including incomplete/abandoned submissions and fully-completed/Paid order submissions, will be posted here.
    • All Completed orders are indicated with a Green Status and have an ACTION function to the right, which allows you to both Edit the purchaser and recipient email address, as well as Re-send the order if a customer never received it:


    • You can search for a specific order in the Search field by any of the following:
      • Purchaser or Recipients' Name
      • Purchaser or Recipients' Email address
      • Paypal/Bambora Transaction ID #
      • Card $ denomination.


    • If a customer claims they still have not received the order after you re-send it, ask for an alternative email address to send to:
      • Once the correct order is located, select ACTION
      • Select Edit
      • Correct the email address of either the Buyer/Recipient as necessary
      • Select OK to save changes
      • Select ACTION  and Re-Send Emails and the newly adjusted email addresses will be sent a copy of the eGift


    • We recommend that customers who claim they do not see their E-gift order in their inbox should be reminded to check their junk/spam folder as well.
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