Transfer Balance and Registration Details (VIDEO)


    Identifying the Lost Card

    If a customer advises you that they have lost or damaged their card, try to locate the card number by selecting Manage Cards from your Ackroo Anywhere homepage.


    To isolate their card, you can ask them the following questions:

    • What is the card number? (Enter the card number in the “Search” field.)
    • Was the card registered online? (Enter either the cardholder’s First and/or Last Name, or Email Address that was registered in the “Search” field.)
    • Can the customer supply  any purchase receipts from transactions using this card? (The receipt will display a 10-digit Transaction ID #. From the “Manage Transactions” tab, enter this ID in the “Search” field. Once the transaction populates, take note of the Card Number” column associated with this transaction. Highlight the Card Number, right-click and ‘Copy’ this value. Return to the “Manage Cards” tab and right-click the “Search” field to ‘Paste’ the card number value.)


    If you’ve successfully identified the lost card number, the next step is to transfer funds from the existing card onto a new card:


    Transfer Funds

    • Select the Manage Cards tab from the Ackroo Anywhere homepage.


    • Quickly locate a card by typing any piece of information you know about the card into the Search field, including:
      • Card number
      • Customer name (if registered)
      • Customer email (if registered)


    • Once the matching card populates in the table, select the ACTION button and Transfer Funds


    • In the pop-up form, obtain a new card from inventory and enter the number in the New Card Number field.


    • Add an optional Description, if desired.



    • RECOMMENDED: Select “Destroy Original Card” to deactivate the old/lost card and remove from circulation. If the card is retrieved and attempted for use in future, the terminal will block the transaction with an error stating, “Card Not Active”.



    • If you are transferring to an unregistered card, transferring funds will also transfer customer registration details over to the new card.


    • If you are transferring to an already registered card, registration details will not be transferred when registration details are already present. Please review 'transfer-to' card details and ensure to edit the registration if needed.



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