Finding Full Card Number When Masked on a Transaction Receipt


    For security purposes, card numbers are partially masked on a gift and/or loyalty transaction receipt, which prints from the terminal. Only the last four numbers of a card are displayed.


    In the event that a customer is seeking a refund, or the transaction must be reversed or corrected when the card is no longer present, retrieving the card number can be done by logging into and trying the following options:


    In the Manage Cards tab:


    • From the “Search” field, enter the last four digits as they appear on the receipt.  The list of cards in the table will isolate cards containing this number sequence, so ensure to take note of only the card number which ends in these digits.


    • If required, you can go back to re-process a transaction (Fund or Redeem) directly on the terminal, using the full card number. When prompted to “swipe card”, in place of swiping a physical card, simply key in the full card number on the keypad.


    In the Transactions > Detailed View tab:


    • From the “Search” field, enter in the 10-digit Transaction ID on the receipt. The list of transactions in the table will isolate the specific transaction pertaining to the card.


    • Alternatively, search for the transaction Date and transaction Type (fund, redeem, etc.) using the filters above the table, then select APPLY. Match the last four numbers of that card to your search results.


    You can find out more about Reversing and Adjusting Transactions from the Transactions tab HERE.

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