"Reference ID Already Taken" Error - Cannot Save Reference ID on Registration


    The Virtual Terminal allows for detailed registration information to be saved against a customers card/account, including registration of a Reference ID number, which may be associated to an internal CRM or Dealership Management System at the participating business.

    What is a Reference ID?

    Full detailed steps on registering from the Virtual Terminal can be found here.  

    Specifically, the Reference ID field allows you to associate a unique customer number, identified within your business' internal Customer or Dealership management system. This may be an alphanumeric identifier or account #.

    • An Ackroo card/account can have multiple reference ID's saved in the registration (For example, one account shared between spouses, corporate employees, etc.) After entering the initial Reference ID select Edit Registration to add an additional reference number(s) as needed.
    • NOTE: The reference ID's must be unique. The Ackroo system will not allow duplicate Reference ID's to be registered within the same business location.


    "Reference ID has already been taken" – Error Message.

    If you receive a message stating, "Reference ID has already been taken", when trying to register a card with a Reference ID entered in the form, this means the ID number has already been previously registered to another account in the Ackroo system. 



    Locate the Card Previously Registered

    Navigate back to the Search Criteria Page and try searching by the Reference ID:

    • Select Back to return to the main account menu page
    • Select Lookup New Card to begin a new search
    • In the Search Criteria field, key in the Reference ID (Ex. 12345) number previously attempted to register to a new card
    • A matching account should be found, with this reference number already associated (and possible $ balances available already)



    Option 1 - Keep the same card in use

     It's possible the customer does not recall signing up or receiving a card in the past or, they may not have the card present any longer.

    If your business does not require the physical card to be presented at the point-of-sale, staff can simply resume use of the existing account already on file, by retrieving the account in either of the following ways:

    • Search by Reference ID #
    • Search by Customer First and Last Name


    Option 2 - Join multiple cards in use -OR- Transfer Registration to a new physical card

    If the customer has multiple cards in use, or, they wish to replace the previously lost card, an administrator from your business will need to transfer the previous card data on to a new card via the Program Console. 

    You can find complete instructions on doing so here.


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