Redeeming Packaged Units From the Virtual Terminal


    The Virtual Terminal allows you to redeem units that have been added to a card in a package.

    To begin, select Sign in with Ackroo and enter the login information:


    From the following screen, search for the customer's card using the following search criteria:

    • Card Number
    • First and/or Last Name
    • Ackroo ID/Access Code

    Select Search to retrieve the card information:


    These are the available options on the virtual terminal screen :

    • Lookup New Card returns to the Search Criteria page.
    • Customer :
      • Card Number
      • Registered to
      • Communications Consent
    • Edit Registration (for more information, click here)
    • Remove Registration
    • View Transactions
    • Balances
      • Gift
      • Loyalty
      • Units


    To redeem a unit, select Redeem Unit.


    On the next screen, select the units required to redeem for the transaction. Insert the total number of units for each type of unit being redeemed.

    If the customer would prefer that their receipt be emailed, this can be accomplished by selecting the red X button to include their email. Adding a description for this transaction can also be done here.

    Select Redeem Card to complete this transaction


    Once completed, a transaction receipt will appear on screen. Select Print for a printable copy of this receipt, otherwise select Close.


    Switching Accounts

    If you have access to multiple dealerships with your login, it is possible to switch accounts when needed. Select the Account drop-down menu, then select Switch to log into a different account.



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