Creating Packages and Units


    This guide will demonstrate how to create packages and units.

    Finding the Unit and Package settings:

    From your program console, start by signing into the program.
    Select the Admin tab, then select Settings.

    On the left side of this page and in General settings, select the link for either Units or Packages.



    Creating a Unit

    Units are individual service items included in a packages. Some examples are:

    • Oil Change
    • Brake Maintenance
    • Air Filter Replacement

    Before creating a package, the included units need to be specified. To do this, select the Unit link, then select ADD UNIT.


    This next pop-up screen allows to create the name/title of the unit, as well as any description needed. Once this has been added, select OK or Cancel to abandon.



    Creating Packages

    Packages are an amalgamation of units that are applied ont a card to activate it.

    To create a package, select the Package link, then select ADD PACKAGE.


    This next pop-up screen allows adding the package details. Start by entering the name of the package, then add the package's value. The next step is to include the package details:


    Select the name of the unit being added, the Number of Units to be added to this package and the Unit Value. Finally, to add additional unit types, select Add Package Unit. If there are no additional units to add, select OK to complete or Cancel to abandon.

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