Redeem a Gift Card from Sale - Ackroo on Tetra (Move/Desk 5000)


    In the main SALE menu on your Move/Desk 5000 device, you can:

    • Redeem a gift card ("Ackroo" Tender Type)
    • Print a receipt copy


    Gift cards numbers may be processed through the Move/Desk 5000 device in two ways:

    • Swipe the card, through the magnetic stripe-reader
    • Key entry of the full card number, on the digital touch-screen number pad


    Pay with an Ackroo Gift Card

    • Select SALE from theMove/Desk 5000 home screen
    • Enter the Sale Amount (Full-tax $ Total) of the customer's purchase >> Select the GREEN OK button
    • (If enabled) The customer can opt to select a Tip Option on-screen (%, Custom Amt, No tip)
    • Select the Ackroo tender from the selections at the bottom of the screen to redeem the gift card
    • SWIPE CARD or enter card number manually
    • The next screen will display to confirm transaction completion >> Tap screen to proceed
    • Any remaining balance from the sale amount will display
    • PRINT RECEIPT to complete the transaction or select the RED CANCEL button to return to the main screen.
    • If a remaining balance is still displaying, select CHARGE to process by debit or credit, or select CASH 
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