How to Enable Clerk/Employee Tracking on a Clover Device


    You can enable employee/clerk tracking on your transactions by enabling it on your Clover device. 

    This will allow you to see on your Ackroo Program Console who has processed a transaction on the Ackroo platform using the Clover terminal.


    Please Note: If you already have employees set up on your Clover device, you only need to perform the first 3 steps below.


    Before you get started, you must ensure that you have enabled the ability to allow employees to fund and reload cards. To do this:

    • Sign into your Clover terminal using your administrator PIN.
    • Open the Ackroo App on your terminal and open the settings by selecting the gear icon in the upper right corner.
    • Toggle the Employees Can: Reload and Fund toggles to on if they are disabled. Select Done when finished.



    Go back to the Clover home screen by selecting the Circle icon at the bottom of your screen and look for the Employees app.

    Once open select the + and fill in the required fields.



    • The Name field will be the information that will show in your Ackroo program console.
    • Select a PIN - this will be what the employee uses to unlock the Clover device from it's locked state. This is effectively "signing in" to the Clover device.




    • Once completed, ensure you hit SAVE in the upper corner. It may look like it is unselectable or "greyed out", but it will allow you to save the employee.
    • In order for the employee to "sign in" and perform transactions, you must lock the Clover device, and then unlock using the employee PIN.  In the above example, the PIN would be 2580.
    • Any transactions performed while signed in as an employee will now be tracked in the program console. You can view transactions by logging into and selecting Manage Transactions. You can then search by Clerk or card number/transaction ID:



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