Advance Tee Sheet Generation

    1. Open the GGGolf desktop application.
    2. In the main window click on the Options button.
    3. In the menu bar click on Advanced Tee Time Gen.
      a) Click the + icon to create a new advanced tee time generation
      b) Add a description title in both the description 1 & 2 boxes (i.e Mon-Fri 2021 Season) and click the OK button.
      c) Leave the Multi Course box unchecked UNLESS the golf club has multiple courses which they want set with the same tee sheet.
      d) Click on the OK button
    4. Click the + icon under Tee Time Generation Schedule for Generation Type.
      a) Select the Generation type (i.e Regular, Shotgun, etc.)
      b) Select the course (leave as default UNLESS you checked off the Multi Course box on the previous step)
      c) For 9/18 holes dropdown, leave at Default (unless used for 9 holes only)
      d) Select Start Time (i.e 07h00)
      e) Select End Time (i.e 18h00)
      f) Minutes between tee times 1 - Enter how many minutes between tee times
      g) Minutes between tee times 2, 3, & 4 can be left blank 
      h) Lock every n tee time leave unchecked
      i) Group can be left blank 
      j) Enter Max players per Foursome even days (typically 4)
      k) Enter Max players per Foursome odd days (typically 4)
      l) Shotgun Par 3 (leave as default)
      m) Shotgun Par 4 (leave as default) 
      n) Shotgun Par 5 (leave as default)
      o) Special restriction Code (Usually left blank UNLESS there is a specific Restriction to be added)
      p) Applies every n holes (Applies to the previous Special Restriction Code)
      q) Click the OK button and exit Options Maintenance 
    5. In the main window click on the Tee Times button
    6. In the menu bar click on Tee Times → Generate Tee Times (Advance)
      1. Select date range
      2. Select Course (Only if Multi course was NOT checked)
      3. Select your Tee Time Generation which you created in the Generation Type drop down
      4. Click the Generation Tee Times button
      5. Once Tee Times have completed being generated click the Close button
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