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Do you offer endpoints for the eGift card?



  • Ackroo Support


    This API allows you to generate digital eGift cards through our API, our API doesnt make a distinction between physical and eGifts but does allow you to generate cards as below which will allow online stores to sell and dynamically allocate GC in Ackroo that can be redeemed at a later time:


    card : Operations about cards

  • Jared King

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am already generating gift cards and have been able to successfully create new cards, credit amounts, debit amounts etc. The API has been very easy to work with.

    Does a user who has purchased a gift simply need the Gift Card Number to redeem the gift card in store or do I need to generate a barcode/QR code? I just want to make sure that when a customer purchases a gift card on the website that they will be able to use it in store.


  • Ackroo Support



    Redeeming in store at the POS can be done by the server reading the ackroo GC number from your email/print out for cards purchased online but entering numbers manually might be cumbersome


    We would suggest generating a barcode/QR code in your email message, but knowing if your merchant accepts scanning is a question to your merchant/IT/POS contact as they can suggest if they can buy a scanner that can interface with the POS or application processing Ackroo GC cards.


    We also got your message about Ackroo API vs your integration sending emails for eGift, the API right now does NOT send emails, but your application can once it receives the GC number from the API.


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