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401 Unauthorized error for /card/gift.json



  • Official comment
    Patrick Labreche

    Hello Jared,

    Your token's scope gives you access to the 'Transaction' and 'Device' endpoints. It will not allow calls made to the 'Card' and 'Cardholder' endpoints.

    If you wish to know the gift balance on a card, please use the /device/card endpoint.

  • Jared King

    Hi Patrick, 

    I am using the /card/gift,json endpoint to create new cards for users with a balance. For example a user chooses to purchase a new gift card with a balance of $50.00. I then send a request to the /card/gift.json endpoint to receive a gift card number that I can then provide the user with via email.

    Is this an endpoint you can active for me? Or is there a different endpoint that I should be using to generate new cards for users?


  • Patrick Labreche

    Thank you for clarifying, I have been hasty in commenting earlier. I have given your token access to the 'Card' endpoints.


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